Reversed polarity of Voltage Regulator


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Reversed polarity of Voltage Regulator

I have a "STAC" automatic voltage regulator (input/out 110 - 220V) for my HiFi system. It was not until recently that I found out that the polarity of the 110V output receptacle is reversed, i.e. long slot is now "hot" and short slot is "neutral". One of other 2 220V outlet receptacles also has reversed polarity. However, these 2 outlets do not worry me because I only use the 110V outlet. Does the reversed polarity affect my HiFi system? Can I correct this by just swapping the neutral and hot wire of the regulator's plug? Thanks for your advice.
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AC power does not have polarity. 120 volt (not 110) has a hot and a neutral. If they are reversed it is only a safety issue not a functional problem. In any event any electronics probably run from a low voltage power supply not from the AC. Reversed hot neutral won't affect that.

240v (not 2200 is two hots that are interchangeable. Doesn't mater which is connected to which side.

If you used a plug in tester it is possibly just giving misleading results due to a bad ground.
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There's a possibility if you have some vintage hi-fi equipment that you could get a shock. Much old gear in the tubes and early transistor days had 2-wire AC cords and one side (supposedly neutral) of the mains was connected to chassis "ground". If that were to be plugged in to a mis-wired outlet the chassis and any metal knobs & such would be "hot".

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