Wiring a second light fixture to existing light fixture.


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Wiring a second light fixture to existing light fixture.

In my garage, I have the original light fixture wiring. It has been out of use for some years now, we ran the wires from in to a huge lamp outside till our front door neighbor complained about it being to much light at night to the city and we had to remove it.

Since then the garage lights I am using are lights from the garage door that was installed.

I need more light in the garage though. I wired the wires to one light fixture and it worked,(this is wired the same way the original fixture was wired)
Then I figured I would add another fixture to the existing wires. It worked fine, is this safe to do? The lights in the garage and that side of the house have not gone out or had any issues.

Here is what I have.
wires from the house have white, black and bare copper.
Electrical wire is running to one light fixture with the same wires, white, black and copper, and another set of wires attach to it or "T" of it. white, black and copper.(total of 9 wires at this point)The wires are then run to the other fixture.

It looks exactly like this, but the copper wire in figure A is attached to the copper wire in the fixture. And each fixture houses 2 bulbs each(4 total bulbs)
Is there anything wrong with this setup?
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If the box has capacity for the number of conductors and the grounds are all spliced it sounds ok. Are the cables on the surface or behind the drywall?
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The wires are where the ceiling in the garage would be. So on the rafters because there is no drywall covering it up. Does that make sense?
And all the wires are spliced into their same colored wires

Black wire from the house goes to both black wires on fixtures
White House wire to white fixture wires
Copper house wire to copper wire on the fixtures.
Howcould I find If the box could handle this?

And thank you for the reply.

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