method to surface mount subpanel


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method to surface mount subpanel

I can't find the right thing to search for and can't find specific discussion... If I'm surface mounting a subpanel on sheetrock which has mounting holes much too narrow to hit the studs horizontally, what are acceptable ways to mount to the wall?

I could punch open the wall and put in some horizontal 2x4 to mount then fix the wall and mount the box on that.

I could mount it on plywood, which I've done with telco equipment many times, but I find differing info on that for a subpanel and fire rated plywood or somesuch.

I could hang it with drywall anchors. Seems too simple... but four of the big screw-in type would certainly hold it...

Whats the good word on this?
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Drywall anchors, toggle bolts, screws into a stud or a plywood panel behind would all work.
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Wow, too simple, that always makes me nervous.

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You can catch a stud with two screws on one side and use the alternate method on the other side.
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You could bolt two pieces of 7/8" slotted strut horizontally into the studs and mount the panel on the strut with 1/4-20 spring nuts and 1/4-20 RHMS.
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Any of those methods are fine the key is to mount it securally.

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