Electrical Panel Placement


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Electrical Panel Placement

I'm in the process of rewiring a house that has had little updates done since 1955. The original panel that I want to replace has a drain pipe run in front of it all the way to the sewer. I'd prefer to not run it on the foundation wall on the right of this picture because it's full of gas lines and it would have to be located right between the furnace and the septic tank.

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I think the best solution would be to build replace the old wall that's on the left of the attached image with a new wall that's up to code. Then I want to mount the new electrical panel on the inside of this new wall I build, ensuring while ensuring proper clearance of 36 x 30" in front of the panel along with 30" above and the 6.5' height.

Is this solution acceptable and will it pass inspection? Is there a better solution?

Any help is appreciated!


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Is this the first panel with a breaker or is there a main disconnect ahead of it? If this is the first panel the wires to the meter would probably need to be replaced with longer wires. Service wires can't be spliced.
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Yes the new box on the new wall will be the first panel with a breaker, no main disconnect. Since I plan to upgrade from 100amp to 200amp service the service wires are going to need to be replaced anyways so I don't think length should be a problem.
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You can move the panel, but you'll need to add a main disconnect outside the house next to or incorporated into the meter box (meter/main panel). The unfused conductors leaving the meter cannot run through the interior of the building except in the back-to-back configuration you currently have on the exterior wall. This really shouldn't be a big deal as you're installing a new service anyway, just that you'll be installing 2 panels instead of 1. All of the new service grounding will terminate in the meter/main panel, and you will need a 4 wire feeder to the interior 200A panel..

It also looks like that 4" PVC drain should have more structural support than the Fernco clamp -- add some J hangers or plumber's strap.

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