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heard a little ba-bom and a string of outlets and a few overhead lights died

heard a little ba-bom and a string of outlets and a few overhead lights died


Old 11-18-15, 02:42 PM
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heard a little ba-bom and a string of outlets and a few overhead lights died


I do some DIY and have done many minor electrical repairs. Bought a manufactured home on a lot a few months ago. One outlet was dead and I replaced a few outlets in the string until I hit the defective one and all was fine until last night.

Was home alone at the computer with hardly any other electric in use when I heard the little ba-bom. Not sure what it was I went to the door thinking someone may have knocked. No one at the door. The computer and a whole bunch of outlets along the outer wall and a few overhead lights were out.

Reset the breakers and nothing changed. Checked for GFIs and couldn't find any that were tripped or that might affect this area. Checked the breakers with a multimeter and all seem to be working fine.

Where do I go from here to try to track this problem down? This is the same string of outlets I went through when I replaced a number of the really old outlets with newer ones until I found one that was faulty and all worked again.

Never heard a noise associated with an electrical problem before.

Thanks for the help!
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Sounds like perhaps something shorted. Did you have metal junction boxes? Sometimes a receptacle or switch can slide over a bit and contact the metal box. Unusual for that to just happen though unless someone trips on a cord. I suppose a rodent could have gotten into a cable if there's a way for them to get under the house.

The troubleshooting approach for this problem would be the same as for your last problem. Work your way down the circuit until you find the problem. It will almost always be at the last working device or first non-working device. Could be at a switch, light or receptacle box.
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And remember to move any backstabs to the screws and redo any wire nuts.
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Your problem is probably at a receptacle, but it's a manufactured home so it could also possibly be a Tee tap inside a wall behind the wall finish. I'd check the receptacles first.

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