New electrical box and new cab


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New electrical box and new cab

I was trying to figure out how to install new electrical outlet boxes. If I attach to the stud and then put the plaster board over that the box will not make it into cab wall. Would it be wrong to put new box over the plaster board so that the box would be almost make it to inside of cab. I have open a friends box in new kitchen and the wire goes back behind plaster board and just connects outlets to box with long screws.
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Attach new electrical box to stud at a depth so the face of the electrical box will be flush with the finished wall. Good luck.
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Use a side nail in box and can be adjusted out as far as you need.
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An electrical box should be "sealed" for lack of a better term. This means the cover plate is installed flat against the box, not with a gap between the box and the back panel of cabinet.

For me, you have two choices:

- Install box normally inside wall. The cabinet will be cut out around the box and cover plate. This will allow you to access the box and cover plate can be installed properly against wall, no gaps.

- Drill a hole in cabinet, pull cable into cabinet and install a surface mount box inside cabinet.

If you go the surface mount way, pull cable from wall directly into box, NM cable cannot be exposed inside cabinet. If it must be exposed, enclose it in 3/4" flex inside cabinet.
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Install the cabinet.
Cut a hole through cabinet and wall for old work box.
Bring cable through hole and insert into box.
Install box.
Install receptacle.
Install cover.
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Install an adjustable depth box. You can set the depth to whatever depth you need to be.
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Leave a loop of cable inside the wall.

Install cabinets.

Cut out cabinet back and use either old work box or gem box and madison clips.

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