Double check amp & wire awg


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Double check amp & wire awg

Quick question I am pretty sure I know the answer to...but want to double check.

My house has a 50amp 240v line to a hot tub (2-pole 50amp gfci breaker). I never used the hot tub, so am going to use that wire/breaker to power a sub panel in the unfinished basement since basement has no outlets and I want to run some power tools down there.

When I was rerouting the existing wire (just pulling back in house and putting sub box right there)... I noticed it is only 8 AWG. So it should only ever have 40amp breaker, is that correct?

Wire writing says "romex simpull awg 8 cu 3 cdr type nm b"

I plan to replace the 50amp gfci with a 40amp to be safe.

by the way ... the hot tub wiring was done by an electrician and had a permit pulled (about 6-8 yrs ago) ... Hence, why I want to double check in case I'm missing something.
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I'm pretty sure that you are correct. As I recall, cable assemblies with #8 conductors are limited to using the 60[SUP]o[/SUP] C. column. If it had been #8 individual conductors in conduit (type THHN) the 50 ampere circuit breaker could have been acceptable.

It IS possible that the ruling concerning cable being limited to the 60[SUP]o[/SUP] C. column happened after the initial installation.

Wait for the real electricians to provide a more up-to-date answer.
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Furd is correct. I believe the rule came into effect in the 2008 code.

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