No power in outside structure


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No power in outside structure

On my property there is a separate structure. It's electricity is fed via an underground line from the house. Today I discovered that it has no power anymore. The two lights and one outlet don't work. Everything worked a couple weeks ago. Nothing really happened in the meantime, just the usual winter wind, cold, and snow. I checked the breaker in the house and nothing is tripped.

I am an ignoramus when it comes to anything other than basic electrical stuff, so I'd appreciate any brainstorming here before I call an electrician to the house.
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Look for a junction box close to where the cable leaves the house. See if there is juice there.
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You might also try flipping the breaker off and back on again. I've read on here sometimes breakers trip, but don't fully flip over to the off side.
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As bill said first step is moving the breaker all the way off. Then you will need a multimeter (or neon tester or solenoid tester) but not a non contact tester to do some basic tests.
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I've read on here sometimes breakers trip, but don't fully flip over to the off side.
Breakers don't trip to the "OFF" position, but usually to a center position and the handle is left loose. Sometimes the handle stays in the "ON" position, but is loose after a trip.

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