Single phase 220-240 in Canada


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Single phase 220-240 in Canada

I'm buying equipment from UK which us single phase 220-240 and am wondering if it will work in Canada, is there an adapter I cam buy?
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I doubt that there is an adapter. It's the wiring that would have to be adjusted. What does the manufacturer, of the equipment say? Contact them.
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The voltage will work; in Canada you would use a double pole breaker in a standard residential electrical service panel to get a 240V circuit. However you need to verify the frequency is compatible from the equipment manufacturer. UK power runs at 50Hz and US/Canada runs at 60Hz. If the device is a motor, it will run 20% faster on Canadian power, which could be a safety hazard or performance problem depending on the application. If it is electronics, it would need to have been designed for use in both regions (most modern electronics are). If it is a resistive load like a standard light bulb, the frequency doesn't matter.

If it can't run on native power, there are converters, but the type and cost depends entirely on what type of device this is.

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