Surge suppressor install questions.


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Question Surge suppressor install questions.

I'm prepping to install an HEPD80 but have a few best practices questions.

As can be seen in the attached photos I have no open locations at the top of the panel nor do I have sufficient slack in the wires to simply shift breakers down. I can think of two options (three if you want to consider fusing the suppressor at the end of the line).

Option 1 -- Swap the 20a and 15a breakers located in slots #4 and #8 respectively, rerouting and extending (wire/wire nut) the 15a circuit as required. This would then mean double-tapping the HEPD80 to what is now the two in-service 20a breakers located at the #2 and #4 slots.

Option 2 -- Relocate the the current 20a (slot #2) and 15a (slot #4) to the currently empty slots #18 and #20, rerouting and extending (wire/wire nut) both circuit as required. Install two new 20a breakers in slots #2 and #4 to serve exclusively the HEPD80.

Both of the above options are assuming double-tapping and/or extending wire(s) via wire nut within the panel is acceptable by code in Maryland. This also assumes the HEPD80 can be used in a double-tap scenario.

Any opinions on the above or insight as to options I've not thought of would be appreciated.

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I'd probably go with option 2. Extending wires in the panel with crimps or wire nuts should be no issue; it's done all the time.

One idea..Square D makes a quad breaker which takes two slots but provides one 2 pole and 2 single pole breakers. Might be just what you need.

One other idea...if your panel allows use of tandem breakers you might be able to avoid having to extend any circuits by replacing a couple of the breakers near the top with tandems. Obviously can't use them for the Supressor since both breakers are on same leg, but could skootch some circuits down just a little.
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I would opt for # 2 also. Extending the circuit wires is not a problem. I don't like adding tandem breakers unless they are really needed.
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Much appreciate the replies!

Great to know that option is viable, makes for a simple install. Should have done it when I ran the 240v/50a circuit late last year.

The HEPD80 is on order and should be here next week. Will keep an eye on this thread for any additional heads-up in the meanwhile.
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Thanks again guys for the advice!

Since everyone was out of the house this afternoon I was able to get it installed without imposing (for the whole 1/2 hour it took to complete ).

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Looks good except for one nit pick. The tape on the wire nuts was not needed.
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Although not required, the tape does avoid the chance of another wire somehow making its way between the nut and potentially shorting things. Slim chance of that happening, but not zero.

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