Electrical question.


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Electrical question.

I have a question my brother in law bought a house a while back and it has an old stab lok breaker box in it he is wanting to change it out to a square d breaker box. Here is the question. He lives inside the city limits of Springfield Mo and the feeder wire comes over head to weather head down the rigid conduit to the meter socket off the bottom of the meter socket it runs for about 7 feet in rigid conduit to his existing breaker box. He Is not wanting to hire and electrician to come switch it out for him ect he thanks he can use an Allen wrench and undo the 2 bolts that secure the feeder wires and then carefully remove them so it kills the breaker box so he can switch out the breaker box and then re insert the feeder wires into meter socket and re tighten them ( wants to do it this way cause if he pulls the meter it will trip at the city utilities office and they will show up and that's another huge headache) but the real question isn't he going to get shocked when he tries to undo the bolts and pull the wires out and then shocked again when he re inserts them and tightens them? Any and all info would be greatly appreciated thank you
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Bad idea for so many reasons. Stay tuned for upcoming Darwin award.
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Nope. Do it right or abandon the project. An inexperienced person can get hurt or cause property damage too easily. Notify the POCO, have the meter pulled, hire an electrician to at least sign off on the project and inspect if, should he allow your BIL to DIY it.
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As the others have said this is a very bad idea with potentially fatal consequences.
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Sounds like he has a death wish.
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Warning very graphic.

Search "arc flash blast" to see what could happen.
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Getting shocked is the least of the concern. If those feeder wires accidentially short out, the metal instantly turns to superheated liquid and vapor which explodes in your face. It's essentially an unlimited arc welder right at your eye/chest level. For extremely graphic evidence, search google images for people who had arc flash burns -- those who survive are maimed to an extreme extent and often left blind and deaf.

Some examples from industry training videos:


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