Water leaking behind meter pan


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Water leaking behind meter pan

Hello all,

I was unsure of where to post this question so if there is a better forum maybe someone can redirect me. Ok, I was cleaning out my garage and had to move my large tool chest and found water damage on the sheetrock behind it. I ripped out one section of the sheetrock where my electrical panel comes through the wall and there is mold all down the inside of the rigid panel insulation. I am trying to determine how to stop the water from coming into the wall. When I look at the water damage it looks like it is coming through the nail holes and the screw holes that attach the meter box to the house. The question is how do I stop the water infiltration when I obviously cannot get behind the meter box to seal the holes. Several years ago the electric company changed from spinning meters to smart meters and the guy the changed my meter pretty much ripped it right off the house so that the only thing holding it up is the metal pipe that guides the power line into the house from underground. I know I need to stop moisture from getting in but am unsure of how to do that. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!
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The meter box coming loose is a common problem when the meter is pulled. There are codes now to help prevent that as it can be very unsafe to have a loose meter box.

What is the exterior finish of your building?

It sounds like you should probably have an electrician out to replace the meter pan and remount it correctly with stainless fasteners. The building finish under the meter panel can be replaced or patched with silicone. Nowadays in my area it's required that the meter be mounted securely to treated lumber or plywood behind the siding with stainless fasteners to prevent the situation you're describing.
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Without some pictures of what you have all going on outside all your going to get is well meaning guesses and lots of questions.
No closeups needed.
No pictures of the inside damage needed.
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I will take some pics tomorrow and post them.
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To add in the picture process..... http://www.doityourself.com/forum/el...-pictures.html
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pics of meter box

Okay, I took a couple of pics. But apparently my camera makes the files too large. I have zero computer knowledge so I am not even going to attempt to resize them. My exterior is hardiplank with caulked joints and nails fastening them to the house. I wish I could do more guys. Sorry.

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