Dead End Wires?


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Dead End Wires?

Replacing the electrical in my basement and I'm not sure what to do with the old wire that went "Into" the area. The old wire is apx 14-2 with no ground (cloth wrapped, 1950's wire). I put a screw on cap on both hot and neutral, wrapped it in electrical tape and put it into a box.

I will no longer be using that particular wire that comes into the basement but there are other outlets attached to it somewhere in the house. Also, based off of the tube that it comes into the attic in, I think I will struggle removing the whole wire.

Thoughts? I'm not sure if it really meets "code" but I do think it is safe. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.
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Terminating an unused wire in a junction box is perfectly acceptable. Wirenuts are ok.... tape is not usually required. Do what I do and go one step further.... write the circuit number on the blank cover in Sharpie.

You said "tube"..... is that a piece of metal conduit ?
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Wires/cables can be abandoned in place if they are disconnected on both ends. The wires can be cut off and pushed out of the box plugging any holes as required. Leaving the old wires in the box caped with wire nuts (you can skip the tape) is also fine if you are not 100% sure they are dead and will never be energized again.
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Yes. There is a metal conduit that runs from the current circuit breaker into the attic and then down into the original circuit breaker box (Original is located in the kitchen and rather small)

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