I'm wondering if I should ground my weathervane or not.


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I'm wondering if I should ground my weathervane or not.

This weathervane I'm going to install is older and I have nothing from a manufacturer as far as installation instructions etc... I'm getting ready to install it pretty soon and wanted to plan everything out in advance. I read some conflicting opinions about whether to ground it or not and I was wondering if anybody here had any opinions. This one website recommended not grounding it unless there's a lightning protection system and then tie it to that, which there is not, and it said not to ground it to the electrical grounding system. The guy that wrote this article said he had 50 years experience as an electrical designer in the petrochemical industry and he said he's designed many grounding systems and lightning protection systems. This is the relivant part with a link tot he entire article if anybody interested.
Weather Vanes, To Ground or Not to Ground?

In conclusion, it is my opinion that your weather vane should never be connected to your electrical safety ground or to your isolated computer ground. If you have a lightning protection system installed on your structure, then you should connect your weather vane to your system with an appropriate conductor. If you do not have a lightning protection system installed, then a ground connected to your weather vane is not needed and may even be damaging during a storm.
Here's an old discussion on doityourself about grounding weathervanes.
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I would not recommend bonding it to your electrical system either. If you choose to ground it, run a copper wire down to a separate ground rod.
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I would NOT ground a weather vane.... especially to the electrical ground point.

If you have known lightning issues in your area then you need to look into a dedicated grounding system for that purpose.

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