Stressing a low voltage transformer?


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Stressing a low voltage transformer?

I have a 200w low voltage transformer that I put in for landscape lighting a while ago. I was only pulling about 100w so no issue. I've just added several other lights on my deck, I'm now at 200w. Is that stressing the transformer at all? And ideally I'd like to put another 10w light in, but that would bring it to 210w. Bad idea?
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Sure it's stressing it, you're running at full rating or over. Whether it damages it or not depends on whether it was conservatively designed or not. It may work fine forever. It may work fine for a month. The thermal protection may keep opening so you get blinking lights.

Best would be to replace it with a higher wattage model, but if you're a gambling man, wait and see what happens.
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If you want to error on the side of safety just replace a few of your lights with LED lights. They draw a much lower current while providing the same amount of light. They have become quite available for landscape lighting.
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Thanks for the input! I'm looking at a couple different transformers, that's the route I'll take...

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