6V Drill batt to plug conversion help

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6V Drill batt to plug conversion help

Hey guys, so I'm trying to convert a cheap 6v battery drill into a plugin drill. I know enough to have gotten to the point where i need an adaptor (dc). I'm bypassing all whirring and testing the motor directly to make sure it works okay The original charging adaptor would be great but it doesn't turn the motor. Even though it is a 7.5 dc. In fact every adaptor I've tried (ranging from 6-12v) only makes the motor humm or slightly pulse. By dumb like I tried putting a 9v battery to the terminals and the motor came to life. My original thought was the battery must put out much higher current but in googling it, it looks like 9v like the standard one I'm using only put out about 500mah. The 6v adaptor I was trying was rated at 1.5 a or 1500 ma. So unless I'm missing something why is the 9v battery able to power the motor but not any of my adaptors.????

My two thoughts are maybe the adaptor isn't putting out the current it's advertised to but my little analog multimeter can only check the volts. For amperage .it only goes up to 250ma before I blow the fuse. My other thought is maybe if I get a 9v adaptor with high amperage that would do it. Unfortunately nowhere can I find wattage or amperage info on the motor, so I'm winging it. Any help or tips are greatly appreciated
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The charging modules are just that, chargers. The voltage will break down under load and perform like you wish they would.
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You would most likely need a linear power supply. That would be a transformer type..... not switching power supply. It would also probably need to be 5A or greater depending on the motor load.

Most wall chargers now are switching and will shut down when connected to a load like a DC motor.

Unfortunately running a low voltage DC drill on a power supply isn't terribly effective.
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Guess, I still have plenty to learn, thanks for your quick replies. I'll look into this more and consider whether or not its worth it.

Thanks again!
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You are about an order of magnitude low in the necessary current levels. First step would be insert a DC current meter, good for at least 10 Amps, in series with the battery/drill. Run the drill no load, then with some sort of load (drill into wood, etc). That will show what you need out of a power supply. Linear or switcher will work. Switcher will be much less weight, but I suppose this will be near the wall outlet, and the drill is 6' away?

ps: there are tons of 5V switching supplies on the market, surplus, etc. Manytimes these have output adjustments that may approach 6V. I'm thinking on the order of 130 to 150 watt class.

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