Chewed up oven power cord: DIY or professional


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Chewed up oven power cord: DIY or professional

So this week I came to the unfortunate realization that we have a small mouse problem in my house. Taking care of the pest prevention steps, but last night I found that they had partially chewed through the power cord of my gas oven* (luckily I can at least start the range with a lighter, but until I know the cord is fixed the power is completely unplugged so I don't burn my house down).

My question is: Should I have a professional check out and fix the chewed cord, or could I (as a bit of a novice) repair the cord with a bit of electric tape? Only the outer covering of the cord seems chewed, the wires inside seem to be undamaged.

And if it is a job for a professional, should I call an electrician or a large appliance repair shop? Or would both work just as well?


*By "found out" I mean that I was trying to blindly stuff some steel wool into the entry hole and was thrown back a few inches when it made contact with the damaged piece of the cord. Ouch.Name:  IMG_20160116_193252171.jpg
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Moved to electrical.

Is this a cord that plugs in? Can you give us a close up picture of the damage.
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And what's the make and model of the oven? May be easy to replace.
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That looks like a standard appliance power cord that would just have a standard right angle plug on it and would plug directly into a receptacle behind the range which I see you are missing.

Usually the back cover of the appliance needs to be removed to replace that power cord. An electrician, an appliance tech or even a handyman could replace it.

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