Why won't you turn on?!


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Why won't you turn on?!

Ive started home automating my apartment and already have several WeMo and Smartthings products, so Im no stranger when it comes to updating a light switch, etc.

I recently tried to replace a two gang switch box in my kitchen... with great failure. The first night I sat there for 13 hours straight trying to figure out why the WeMo switch would not control the lights. 3 days later, here I am.

Here is a photo of where I'm currently at. Can anyone please assist? Hiring an electrician is a last resort.Name:  IMG_0829.jpg
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2 devices I'm trying to wire are belkin demo light switch

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Welcome to the forums.

So that we don't have to guess...... please post the model numbers for the switches you are using.
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Did you mess with any of the splices? Can you describe how the lights are not working ? Do they simply not come on?
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Can you be sure you are communicating with the switches?
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Please do not be offended, but did you remember to remove the insulation on the wires before making the connections?
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What does it do or not do?
Does WeMo get power at all?
Can you turn on from WeMo switch or just not working on your smart phone or PC?

Could you take more close up picture or spread wires bit more. It is hard to tell which black wires go where.

As far as wiring is concerned, it is very easy to wire. 2 Black wires coming from WeMo switch is basically a relay connection. Just have to connect those 2 wires to the same wires came off regular switch.

From what I see in the picture, it looks like 1 black wires from both switches are connected to 3rd orange wire nut. If so, that should be always hot.
But then, 1st orange wire nut (small one with paint) appears to be connected to more than 1 black wire. Very confused what goes where.
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Ive started home automating my apartment
So, you rent this apartment?

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