AFCI breaker questions


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AFCI breaker questions

Planning on doing the electrical soon in my basement. I've done wiring before but never added a new circuit.

1) In terms of the AFCI, does it act the same as a regular breaker (breaks if too much current flows through) as well as breaking if it detects an arc? In other words it's a better version of the regular breaker?

2) With that being said, should I make a new circuit using an AFCI?

3) I plan on having a circuit for my lights (~8-10 fixtures, 2 bulbs each max of 60W) and a separate circuit for my receptacles (~15 of them). For the lights based on the current being drawn I believe a 15 amp circuit will do. Correct? For the receptacles should I wire a 20 amp circuit?

Thanks for the help!
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Yes it will still trip on an over load.
15 amp. 14-2 wires fine for lights.
I've been wiring outlets with 12-2 wire and 20 amp. breakers for many years.
Less chance of over loads if someone plugs in a space heater, A/C, Ect.
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I'm pretty sure that under the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) there is a maximum number of receptacles allowed per circuit. Ten comes to mind but I could easily be wrong about that number. I personally would split that many receptacles into at least two circuits.
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I'll find out about the number from a friend. I do have 3 spare breaker spots but would like to have a spare one.
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Just got informed, it's 12 receptacles on a 15 amp breaker.
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I believe lighting in Canada is limiTed to a 15 amp circuit .

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