Help with Switch


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Help with Switch

I have a propane detector in my RV and it has no on/off switch. If I leave it on when the RV is not in use the solenoid power will run down the RV batteries. I need to figure out how to install a switch that will do that. I can do this but I also need the switch to bypass the solenoid so if the detector goes off when it shouldn't I can bypass the detector and keep the solenoid on. If possible I would like one switch to do both things. Attached is the schematic. Thanks

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I do not recommend a detector bypass switch. If it's left bypassed in error you've lost protection.
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PJmax: thanks for your concern. The problem is, the propane/CO2 alarm goes off when it shouldn't (false alarms) and when it does, I have no propane for 20 minutes until the detector rearms itself. When the alarm goes off it deactivates the solenoid and turns off the propane. The detector is too sensitive and goes off inappropriately. I imagine a lot of people would just permanently bypass the detector if this were to happen to them but I just want to do it temporarily. These false alarms usually occur when I am cooking (the alarm is just below the cooktop - it is a small camper and there is no where else to move the alarm) so right in the middle of preparing dinner, everything stops.
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Is the detector faulty? Perhaps it should be replaced.

I also think a bypass is not a good idea. It's way too easy to forget the bypass is switched on.
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Would a DPDT switch work?

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