Need circuit board for electric heater


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Need circuit board for electric heater

I don't know if I selected the correct forum area to post this, but if I haven't please redirect my question. I have a Phillip Reinisch corner curio cabinet that has a Shanghai Huangzhou Electrical Appliance Co. electric heater in it. I think I need to replace the electrical main circuit board in it due to my ignorance. I was replacing the flame flicker motor in it and accidentally shorted the two motor wires out probably cooking this part of the circuit board. Every thing on the fireplace still works except I can no longer get power to the two wires that run the flicker motor. I have another replacement motor to install, but now think I need the mother board for this fireplace. The only sticker on the fireplace is "NDF-80". I cannot find any schematics or spare parts for this fireplace. I contacted Phillip Reinisch and they are of no help. I also cannot find any kind of fuse that might have blown. Can anyone help me on this?
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I moved your thread to the electrical section.

Most of those heaters have basic circuitry on them but no circuit board.
Can you post a picture or two of the wiring or board inside the unit ?
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Pete, I will post a picture if I can even take one. This board is buried inside the metal casing that holds the fireplace together. I haven't taken the metal casement apart yet. Not sure how it even comes apart yet. It sure looks like a small circuit board that everything plugs into it. I have a feeling i am just out of luck on this. I could tap into the wiring that runs the three 60 watt lights for the fake flame, but they can also be dimmed and I am not sure what that would do to the flicker motor. I am afraid dimming the lights would cause the motor to not get sufficient voltage and then would burn it up.
Thanks for your reply.
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Pete, here are a couple of pics of what I am calling the circuit board.
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