Heated bathroom floor not heating


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Heated bathroom floor not heating

We recently moved into an older house. The upstairs bathroom has a heated floor. For the first few weeks we were in, everything worked properly.

About a week ago my son commented that the floor was cold. I tried resetting everything. I still got no heat.

The system was installed by the prior owner. I am not sure of the brand. The thermostat is an Aube Th111-gfci-p. The heat is on a seperate circuit. The breaker has not popped"

With power the thermostat shows the ambient temperature and the programmed temperature and shows the symbol that it is heating. So I know there is power going to the thermostat. I am a little puzzled because the gfci test and rest buttons don't seem to do anything. Again, the thermostat shows heating, so I wouldn't think this is a gfci issue.

I talked to a buddy who is in the home improvement business (does electrical work but not an electrician) and he thought the thermostat might be bad. I know these thermostats are pricey and I didn't want to run out and buy a new one to find that it wasn't the problem. Do these thermostats go bad?

Any ideas. I'm a long wayfrom being an electrician but I do have one coming over to do some other work on the house. Not sure what I should be asking him to check.
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Yes, thermostats go bad, but here's how to confirm it is the stat and not something else. You/he will need an electrical meter. a cheap $12 analog will be fine. You did not say the voltage of the floor heat so I will assume it is 240 volts, better to guess high then low so you do not burn up the meter.

Set the meter to at least 240 volts AC.
With the stat calling for heat, take the meter probes and take a reading on the LOAD side of the stat at the wirenuts. You should get 240 volts (or 120 volts if heat is only 120), if you don't then you have a bad stat.

If you do, then set your meter to Ohms, and with the power and stat disconnected from the floor cables, take a reading. You should get some amount of resistance. If you don't, the cable in the floor has failed.
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Tested and had no power on the load side, so I will shop for a new thermostat. Thanks!

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