exhaust fan motor burn question


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exhaust fan motor burn question

I have to close off a bath fan for sometime. I have disconnected the ducting and stuffed insulation in the end on the fan side.

If the fan gets accidently turned on, will the motor burn and cause a fire hazard?
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I don't know the answer but why don't you just disconnect the wires (and cap them with a wirenut) from the switch so you don't have to worry about the fan getting accidentally turned on?
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Many bathroom fans will have the motor and fan mounted to a removable plate within the housing. Those that do usually have a plug/receptacle so it is not necessary to disconnect any wiring.

More likely as not running the fan with the discharge duct plugged won't cause serious overheating but why take the chance? Remove the outer grille and see if a plug/receptacle exists and if it does, simply unplug it until ready to put the fan back in service.

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