Running conduit inside the ceiling


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Running conduit inside the ceiling

Hi there,

I hope this is the correct subforum, it was between this and the light fixture one

Anyway, Im trying to add/replace some of my lighting in the house with recessed can lights. I figured I need to add about half dozen lights so I have a few questions.

Per code I am required to run all the 110v in conduit which isn't a big deal, where I run into trouble is going across the joists to the locations where I want the new lights installed.

Currently the boxes are roughly in the middle of the room and I want them in the corners. I have a conventional 2x12 joist system and I was planning on running 1/2 conduit.

1. Can someone point me to some recommendations as far as hole placement and maximum size?
2. How much bigger do you guys make the holes then the actual conduit and how difficult is it to wedge it in there?
3. Another option i was considering is using a AC/DC converter(LED lighting) at the current box locations and running low voltage wires to each can light. Any ideas if that's even feasible?

Thanks for your help.
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Where do you live ? Any attic above ?
Does it have to be conduit ? There is always metal clad cables.

Running conduit thru joists is almost impossible. It's not even easy to run parallel to them.
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Expanding on what PJ said, unless you're in an area that mandates conduit you don't want to be using it! Most places that mandate conduit will allow metal clad cables in most circumstances. That isn't easy to run but certainly easier than conduit. Hopefully you're not in the Chicago area so you don't have to use conduit.
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Im in naperville, I need to look up code for MC I guess. This is between ground and first floor. I already ran all the stuff in the attic. That part was easy

Thanks guys for your help

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