Electrical plug issue


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Electrical plug issue

Hello everyone. Apologies for my seemingly basic question but I am very cautious with electricity. My question is regarding a 3 prong electrical plug that has a pass through. This plug supplies power to a floater device that when it reaches a certain water level, allows the plug to pass current to the sewage pump plug connected behind it.

Recently it's been tripping the breaker and have narrowed it down to the floater plug. I was looking at replacement plugs but can't seem to find one that will only allow current to pass once the floater reaches a certain level. Is there such a replacement plug? If not how would you advice I take this?
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Usually the entire float switch assembly is replaced:

Flotec Sump Pump Replacement Submersible Float Switch-FP18-15BD - The Home Depot

I haven't seen the piggyback plug with switched receptacle part for sale by itself, but maybe others here know of a source.
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No fixing the plug then? Seems like the wires are a little loose.
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No, those are not serviceable. Once the wear parts are loose it is time for replacement.

You could technically wire up both a male and female replacement plug in a "Y" on the existing cord, but you'll have more into it in parts than replacing the whole float switch.
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yea i've been looking at this plug and doesnt seem like it's serviceable. i know its the plug because if i angle the cord a certain way it doesn't trip the breaker. to the hardware store i go i guess. thanks again

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