Lamp 2 Prong Plug


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Lamp 2 Prong Plug

I've got an old lamp that needs a new 2 prong plug. I know that regular lamp cord has ribbing on one of its wires to identify hot and neutral. The wiring on my lamp has 2 separate wires (a la a string of Christmas tree lights). How to id which wire is which and attach to new plug?
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That sounds like very old wiring. Why not replace all the lamp cord with current up to date lamp cord wire?
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It is very old Christmas lamp. I didn't want to take a chance breaking it. It appears that the last time somebody reattached the wires to the plug they welded them.
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The neutral should be identified somehow, it's not ribbed in your case so look for any markings such as print or stripes on the neutral.

The neutral goes to the wide blade of the plug and to the silver screw on the socket (the shell).

If there are no markings, you will have to do a continuity test to identify the wires or replace the cord as Norm said.
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Easiest way in that case is to test with multimeter. Base of the lamp (outer shell) should be neutral.
Also, if it is Christmas light with lamps attached in serial (like those common Christmas lights with small lamps) there really is no hot or neutral on the wiring. It is just fuse on the plug has to be on Hot.

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