How to wire up doorbell chime


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How to wire up doorbell chime

Greetings folks! So I bought this lovely house here a few years ago. 90% renovation was done prior to purchase. I noticed just outside the front door there were some wires setup for a doorbell, how cool I thought, wire up a button and wallah! But nope, no bell chime

So this is what I have. A button that lights up. In the attic I can find the junction box labeled "doorbell". 3 sets of wires come into this box. Am I to assume that this is how this is setup:

1 set: Doorbell switch
1 set: Power
1 set: Chime

And if so, how on earth am I to trace the chime wire to determine where in my house it ends so I can install a chime? The wires all run off into a section of my attic that is pretty much impossible to get to.. so maybe it would be easier to just run a new one.. and if so, how do I determine which of the three is the chime wire?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Door bell button will be wired in series with power going to the chime.
This is basically how it is wired. Ignore rear door if you don't have one.

Location of where chime end will require some investigation.
If you don't see any obvious location (chime already mounted or blank junction box), it is possible they buried it behind wall during renovation.
If that is the case, it will be very difficult to find where the wire ends.
You can try disconnecting the wire at the junction box and trace with wire tracer. But it doesn't always work.

If you get light at the button, that means circuit is complete. If you don't hear chime when pressed, probably person buried chime wire wire nutted (shorted) 2 wires at the end.

It may be easier to pull new wire from junction box.
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EDIT: Nevermind.. lol

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Awesome! Thanks for the help!

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