Taking an existing outlet off a switch


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Taking an existing outlet off a switch

I'm trying to take an existing outlet off a switch. My goal is to place the new philips hue dimmer switch that I got over top of the existing outlet so that no one kills the power to my hue lights or other devices I have plugged into the switch inadvertently.

This is what the outlet looks like:

This is what the switch looks like:

I tried taking the switch out and capping off both of the wires, but that killed the power to the outlet. I'm hoping this isn't just a shoddy wiring job and that there isn't a connection in the wall somewhere. What can I do to troubleshoot the problem? Is there a way I can check the voltage of the wires to figure out what's what?

Please and thank you for the help.
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Remove the black wire from the switch and cap it off by itself.

Undo the wire nut with the black and white wires and attach this black wire to the outlet (receptacle).

Cap off the loose white wire by itself.
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If there is no overhead light removing the switch may be a code violation. You could make it half switched.
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It probably is easier to just undo both wires from the switch and wire nut the together.

As ray said, it may be a code violation and it will be easier to undo the connection at the switch later when you move out.

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