open ground


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open ground

A light came on my surge protector indicating a line fault. I plugged in my circuit tester and it said "open ground". My house is 25 years old so I installed a new outlet. ( 2 black 2 white 1 ground ) It still showed "open ground". I checked all the other outlets on that same breaker and they showed " correct"...... Does anybody know how to fix this?
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You need to check all your connection. You need to verify you really have an open ground, (plug-in testers can be misleading. Use a multimeter, preferably analog.
2 black 2 white 1 ground
If this is NM cable (AKA Romex) then you are missing a wire. There should be two ground wires connected to a pigtail.
I installed a new outlet.
No magic parts inside to go wrong so replacing a receptacle is unlikely to help.

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