Coleman lantern 120V power adapter

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Coleman lantern 120V power adapter

I lost the power adapter to charge my Coleman CPX6 battery for my lantern. I have a couple kicking around here from an old cordless phone that seem to fit. Would it be safe to charge the battery with those adapters?
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If they are DC, voltages match, and the miliamps are at least the minimum required
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Also verify the polarity (-) and (+) terminals of the connector match.
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No way to know. I was unable to find any specifications for required charging voltage and current on the Coleman site.

Just because the plug on the charger you have fits the battery, it does *not* mean it is safe to use it.

On that type of product, the charge control circuit is usually built into the battery, so any adapter that supplies DC of the required voltage with sufficient current capacity, and the correct polarity will usually work. But since Coleman apparently doesn't publish this information, you are stuck using their adaptor.

If you decide to try it anyway, monitor the adaptor and the battery temperature to make sure they don't get too hot, and be aware you may damage the battery.
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Ill look at my coleman cord and tell you the specs
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5010000711 is the Coleman adapter part number.

It looks from what I read off of magnified views that the adapter is 12vdc 22ma or 220ma with a center pin + and shell is -.

A typical charger but not for cordless phones.
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If the battery used is Ni-Cad, Ni-MH, or Lead Acid, chances are power adapter probably is not a voltage regulated type and using them may cause over charge of the battery.
For these type of batteries, manufacturers often just connect power supply straight to the battery pack and let current limitation of the transformer take care of the charge.

Usually they are rated something like 12V @ 500mA, meaning voltage will be 12V at 500mA current draw. At lower current, voltage will be higher and at higher current, voltage will be lower.

Look for exact specification of the original power supply and unless original power supply is voltage regulated (or switching type), do not use regulated or switching power supply.
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Terrific info - thanks to everyone. I do have a 12V car charger for the battery, likely cheaper to buy something like this rather than take a chance:

500mA 110V 220V AC TO 12V DC CAR Power Adapter Converter 2014 | eBay

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