contactor spade terminals?


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contactor spade terminals?

What type of spade terminals do I need on the wire leads for this contactor (Lenox 95M55) ?

I ask since this the spade terminals I have I dont think are rated for over 15 or 20A.

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The "Faston" (not spade) terminals are rated for the largest size wire they will accept. Yellow terminals (10-12) are rated for 30 amperes.
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so as long as the connector is yellow and accepts 10awg they are always rated for 30A?
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Yes...... the wire size determines the amperage.

Yellow is #10 for 30A max.
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i used the 30A disconnects on a new contactor for the Line side connections....
got to thinking, should I have just wrapped the 10AWG stranded around the screw or is it actually preferable to use the blades and disconnects instead?
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Still wondering if its perfered to wrap around the screw on these contactors or if its better to use the crimped disconnect terminals?

also-- general question in regards to the yellow 30A disconnects.... is it physically impossible to slide one of those over 8-AWG? Or like if someone made a mistake and tried to use a red one on a 10awg... are they only designed to fit over the rated gauge/amperage?
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If you feel better about it, use the correct ring terminals under the screw. Those screws and pads MIGHT be designed for bare wire, but stranded #10 will be a problem, and I would not do it even with solid.

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