secondary battery charging...


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secondary battery charging...

I've been pondering about charging a camper deep cycle battery with my vehicle...I've read where you need a battery isolator...the reason I'm that one time I had left my vehicle lights on (fog area)...and of course my battery was unable to start the vehicle...I asked the last person in the parking if he had jumper cables...he was willing but had no cables...asked me if I had any wire...which I had a roll of 22/2 gage...he said we could start my vehicle with that...I thought yeah we cut a piece long enough to reach the battery and connected both batteries...he said lets smoke a cigarette and wait...after two cigarettes he asked me to stat my vehicle...disconnecting the wires started right my question is...can I put a diode in line to the secondary battery (to keep it from discharging the primary battery) and charge it that way without an isolator...???
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might get more replies to your question if it was in the rv trailer section.
most isolators are diodes for each battery that allows each battery to charge but keeps them from draining each other.
other ways to isolate is through a selector switch where you would turn the switch to charge both batteries you do have to remember to turn the switch back to 1 battery to isolate it from the other.
a cont. duty solenoid could also be used that would allow both batteries to charge but disconnect them when the solenoid is shut off the solenoid could be wired to ignition switch so it would be on when the vehicle is running.
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Not sure what you want to do or what type camper you have.. Here is what I did for when I boondock with my travel trailer...

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