Outdoor GFI receptacle not working...


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Outdoor GFCI receptacle not working...

The green light is off. The reset button is not working and I pressed hard. No circuits are tripped in my Electrical box. Is it most likely a bad outlet? I have not used the outlet in over a year.

I have no idea how to determine what breaker this outlet is on either if it needs to be replaced . The outlet is on the back porch of the family room so I'm guessing it's the breaker named "family room". There is an outlet inside the house on the same wall and the same location (just inside the house) that works fine (it's not a CGI outlet)


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Remove the face plate from the receptacle and using a multimeter check the voltage on the line side by touching the probes to the silver and brass screws.

If there are only wires on one end that is the line side. If there are wires on both the top and bottom check the bottom silver and brass screws then the top silver and brass screws.

Use cauation when working in a potential electrically live areas.
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By CGI do you mean GFCI?
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Yes. Sorry The outlets that have the test, reset and green light.

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