Generator backfeed breaker for interlock switch


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Generator backfeed breaker for interlock switch

I apologize if this has been answered already but I did a search and just want to verify.

My generator is a 30 amp outlet on it. I currently have a 50 amp backfeed breaker in my panel and am interlock switch for it. The box on the 0utside of my house is a 50amp inlet. The cord from my generator has a 50 amp connection to the box on the house and a 30 amp that connect to the generator. (I had done it this way in case i ever got a bigger generator I could just switch the generator end of the cord.)

My question is, is it OK to feed the 50 amp backfeed breaker with the 30 amp generator, or should I change this breaker to 30 amp. (if i changed to the 30 amp i would change the outside inlet to 30 amp so noone would connect a 50) (the wiriing from the breaker to the outlet box is guaged for 50 amps).

If i were to get a larger (50 amp generator) will I be OK to keep the 50 amp breaker or would I have to increase this to 60 (and then change the wiring to the inlet box and the inlet box)?

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I see no reason not to keep the 50A breaker as it is. As long as you have a proper interlock kit installed.... the generator 30A breaker will protect all the wiring.

A 50A generator would be 12 kilowatts.
A 50A breaker and wiring is used for a generator up to 12.5Kw.

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