Wiring over the fireplace TV


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Wiring over the fireplace TV

So this is the first time I am wanting to run wire inside a wall.

I have added outlets to existing wire or junction boxes, but never ran a wire down a wall.

SO, I want to mount my flat screen above the fireplace mantle in my living room.

Right now there is no outlet near there.
Here are some drawings of the layout of the living room and the bedroom above it.
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grey is the dead space, red circle is the exhaust duct for the fireplace, dimensions are in feet.

I want to run power (120) and signal (HDMI and Coax) down from my attic (there are a couple outlets up there) down the empty space around the chimney duct and to the mantle area.

My plan was to use a flexible metal conduit.

Any thoughts? am I nothing thinking this through correctly?
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Why not just use whatever was already used to wire the rest of the house?

The LV cables will need to be rated for in-wall use.
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I was planning on using 12-2 wire, but its not the type of wire that is giving me heartburn, its the fact that it will be so close to the fireplace stack

down stairs it will be a foot or more away from the metal duct, but upstairs in the closet it will be 3-6" away
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Is it B-vent flue (dual wall)? If so, it won't get that hot except maybe right near the fireplace, and even there is should be below 90 deg C. On the second floor, 3-6" clearance will be fine. Using MC or flexible metal conduit wouldn't hurt, but not necessary. Just make sure it's secured well to keep as much clearance as possible. If you do use greenfield, do not run the low voltage stuff in the same piece of it as the power.
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Have you checked out some of Arlington's boxes? Is the existing wiring 12-2 if not use 14-2 as long as it is fused for 15 Amps,NM-b if fine for that install no need to hassle with metallics.

Arlington | Multiple Gang Recessed TV BOX™ for Power and Low Voltage
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About the flue, I have no idea if its dual wall.

I had my cousin come out and help me run the wire, he used to be a cable/security system installer and said it should be fine, we ended up running new 12-2, because there was previously nothing in that wall and connected to a junction box in the attic that ran the heaters and security system/doorbell.

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Is that a working wood-burning fireplace?

I can't comment on the electrical situation. I will note that I have a similar fireplace setup. It is actually a wood-stove that looks like a fireplace. The manufacturer specs clearance for combustibles... it is amazingly cool on the sides and back (small clearance needed). You may want to check with the manufacturer to see what the specs are for that model.

As important as the electric setup, I will caution you about TV placement.

These things throw out a lot of heat. Especially out the front (which is what they are designed to do). That heat rises and the area immediately above the fireplace gets very hot very quick.

My fireplace has a minimum distance for placing a mantle. My mantle is a large half-log and well outside the minimum. After several years there is still enough heat to make the log leak sap.

TVs are make of plastic and electronics. Neither of these things do well with heat. Even if the plastic doesn't melt, it can deform. The heat can affect the picture/function of the TV and significantly shorten its life expectancy.

Something to consider. See if you can find any published specs for the fireplace you have. Get a good fire going and see how hot it gets in the TV location.

I completely get why above the mantle is a desired TV location. I just never liked mixing electronics and that much heat. YMMV.
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No its actually a gas fireplace.

To be completely honest, I seriously doubt we will ever use the fireplace.

My wife might try and get me to light it up for Christmas, but I rarely ever do.

When we used to live in the mountains, we would use that fireplace maybe 2 times a year.

I didnt really want to put the TV up there (its way past the 15 degree viewing inclination), but its really the only place in the room.

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