Strip NM cable sheath through EMT?


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Strip NM cable sheath through EMT?

hi folks-

I am adding a receptacle in an unfinished basement and want to run the 14 gauge NM cable down the wall to the receptacle box through a short segment of Ĺ inch EMT. The NM cable runs down the side of a joist. So if I understand I would use an NM-to-EMT fastener at the top of the EMT segment and fasten the NM cable to the EMT and drop it down through the EMT to the receptacle box. Iíve done like this before but I donít remember exactly what I did with respect to the following detail.

I found this paragraph in the old 2002 NEC I had at that time, and still do. I guess itís an interpretation of the requirement 300.15(F) by the guys who add their notes:

Where a cable system makes a transition to a raceway to provide mechanical protection against damage, 300.15 (F) permits the use of a fitting instead of a box. For example, where nonmetallic sheathed cable that runs overhead on floor joists and drops down on a masonry wall to supply a receptacle needs to be protected from physical damage, a short length of raceway is installed to the outlet device box. The cable sheath is removed for the length of the raceway. The cable is then inserted in the raceway and secured by a combination fitting that is fastened to the end of the raceway.
So if I understand you would strip the sheathing off the entire section of the NM cable that traverses through the EMT. I remember raising this question in the past (somewhere-lol) and I think there was a lot of disagreement. I seem to remember one objection was that you are never supposed to strip the sheathing off the NM cable because you eliminate the cable marking which is required by an inspector. (It would be a violation of NEC ď310.11 MarkingĒ).

But that seems to make no sense at all since you can certainly see the cable going into the EMT segment and examine the sheathing outside the EMT and find the markings. But I do remember that was an objection.

Iím not sure but I think one time I left the sheathing on and another time I stripped it.

Does anyone know the right way to do this? Any opinion would be greatly appreciated!
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You do not need to remove the sheathing from the NM. I can't really see what value that adds.

For the situation you describe, I never even use a fitting. I use a push-on plastic bushing on the sharp edge of the conduit and make sure the NM is stapled to a joist within a few inches.
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Stripping the sheath removes the listing of the cable assembly and should not be done.
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Thanks guys!

I wonít strip the sheathing. That makes it a lot simpler.

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