Mixed Up GFCI


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Mixed Up GFCI

Hoping someone can help me. Just had an inspection done on my house and the only thing cited was the electrical in the garage. I'm hoping its an easy fix and would like to try and tackle it myself.

So let's just say I have outlets A B and C.

Outlet A and B are both GFCI protected and the power works to both. However, when I trip A, it doesn't trip at all. When I trip B, it trips but not on itself, it trips outlet A. Doesn't make sense to me.

Outlet C is just a regular outlet but the inspector says it's not getting any power and doesn't trip. I know I've used this outlet at some point though so I'm willing to bet I have another outlet in the garage (there's several) that the inspector didn't test so maybe it's already tripped on another outlet.

Anyways, like I said I'm hoping for an easy fix. If I just replace all outlets with new GFCI receptacles should that fix the problem, especially for outlets A and B?

For outlet C would it pass inspection if I just eliminated it all together and put one of those flat wall covers over it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to the forums.

Do you know how many circuits you have in the garage and how the power flows to all the receptacles? In theory, you only need one GFCI receptacle on each circuit if it's the first one and you connect the rest via the load terminals.
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Rather than replace all the GFI's, I would remove them all temporarily so you can trace the cables. All the black and white wires would be separated, gounds can remain connected.

You will need a meter and the first step would be to find source power, the cable with 120V between black and white with all wires disconnected.

Let us know if you see any red wires at all, for safety reasons.

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