GFCI Puzzle


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GFCI Puzzle

Ran into a problem and I'm stumped. I replaced a hot tub that requires a 50A GFI. I trimmed the existing wires a bit to have a better contact. When I tried to flip the breaker on it automatically trips. I went out and hit the external disconnect to cut power to the spa and it stayed on. I continued downstream from the disconnect and removed the supply wires at the control pack lugs. I closed the disconnect and hit the breaker, it stayed closed. I reconnect the spa and it tripped. It's a new spa and I am reluctant to think it's actually the spa. Here's where it gets weird, to test the GFI breaker I removed the lines to the spa and replaced them with the lines to my dryer and it still tripped so I replaced it with a new one. I tried the spa with a regular 50A and it was fine. I returned the lines to the GFI and it's still tripping.

I can't figure out which direction to look. I even went systematically through my panel flipping each breaker then testing the GFI to see if there might be some faulty circuit sending current through the neutral, nothing. I am at a loss. Anyone have any suggestions where I can look to troubleshoot?

Thanks for any ideas.
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Where is the GFCI breaker? In the main panel or the disconnect by the spa? Does this spa require a neutral wire? (120/240 volt) Some spas do not.

It sounds to me like the issue is in the spa if you can disconnect the wires at the spa control box and the GFCI will hold. If you have connected the neutral and ground together at any point that is wrong and will trip a GFCI instantly.
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The GFI is at the panel not the disconnect. It seemed like everything points to the spa to me as well except for the fact the (new and old) breaker also trips when I connect the dryer to it. That's the only thing making me reconsider its the spa.
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the (new and old) breaker also trips when I connect the dryer to it.
That is no surprise at all if you have a 3 wire dryer cord and 3 wire dryer receptacle, the neutral is bonded to ground inside the dryer.

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