#2 AL cable I dentification help


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#2 AL cable I dentification help

Good evening everyone, I'm looking for some help identifying some feeder cable. Earlier today I went to Menards and picked up most of the supplies needed to run a 100amp sub from my main to my detached garage.

After doing a lot of research I decided on going with quadruplex 2-2-2-4 AL MHF. I went this route because I could run it from panel, 18"deep in conduit and directly attach to sub. No LB splice, just easy pizzie and clean. Well when I pulled around back to get my cable I didn't think it looked right. It was in a grey jacket like SER / SEU and only a pleated to have 3 conductors, 2 hots with black insulation and a nutural braided around them. I tried to investigate it more before I left but it was kinda busy and the receiving clerk was in a hurry. Ever since I've left I've been doing some research and I'm almost positive they gave me the wrong cable. I'm thinking this is either 3 conducted SER or SEU. Either one would be useless to me. So I'd like some help so I can go back and complain ASAP. I can imagine they normally don't return cut wire so it would be a fun time.

Isn't AL Quadplex MHF suppose to be 4 braided conductors in individual black jackets no outer covering around everything.

The cable reads : 3CDR 4/0 AWG compact Alumaflex SE cable type U style XHHW-2.

Pics attached

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Right off the bat it's wrong as you requested #2 and received 4/0.
You ended up with 200A service cable.

What you wanted should have looked like this....

2-2-2-4 AL MHF
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Yep, they gave you the wrong stuff. Generally they will take it back when it's their error (assuming it is in this case). I've picked up some bargins at the local big box mis-cut wire bin; it's 25 cents on the dollar.
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Yup I knew it was suppose to be the cable you pictured. When I was in the yard I said to the guy that I think he had the wrong SKU's on the spools because there was some triplex right next to it. I said Im almost positive its suppose to look like the triplex but with 4 cables. Oh well sh!t happens. As long as they make the situation right it just means I lost an hr or 2 I could have spent digging and roughing out my conduit.

Thanks for the help guys,
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Suggestion: Print out Pete's picture and take it with you.
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Echoing what everyone else said, but a fine point that #2 aluminum is only rated for up to 90A as a subpanel feeder. You mentioned 100A in the first post. You would either need to reduce the breaker to 90A (recommended method), or upsize the cable to #1 or larger aluminum.

The 100A rating on the #2 MHF only applies for certain types of service entrances, and does not apply to detached garages.
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It all worked out well they exchanged it np. I basically had to find it in their stock room and help reorganize their reels. It is a lil sad that a DIY knew more than any one in the electrical department. Usually the BORGs have one person in each department that previously worked in the trades. Just a good example of why to dbl check stuff and be therough.
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It is a lil sad that a DIY knew more than any one in the electrical department.
I have also heard that about all the big box stores, but have also learned that sometimes you will find a very knowledgeable person.
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Just to make sure you got MHF are the wires colored as in the picture? 2 black, 1 black w/white stripe, 1 green. I've seen the big box stores sell people 2-2-2-4 URD, which is 3 black, 1 black w/yellow stripe. URD is not to be installed inside of the structure, it is to be terminated outside.
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That's what I was trying to say. This was my first time dealing with Menards. Just went there because just about every thing was on sale. Usually when I go to HD or lowes there is someone that is knowable. Was just supprised there was not both times I went to Menards. But it was a nice store and they were curtious. I just wouldn't go to the one by me again expecting to find someone knowledgeable.
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It 2 blacks, 1 black white and 1 green. I'm almost positive it's correct. Either way I can at least work with this stuff. The other stuff was ridiculous think, was only 2 hots and a neutral and wasn't under ground rated. My 80' run is 70' or more outside if not more. Even if the inspector said it wasn't indoor rated it would get me from structure to structure and that's 90% of the run. Before I had 80ft of cable that is basically only code for utility companies.

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