5 12/2 wires under 1 wire nut?


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5 12/2 wires under 1 wire nut?

Hi all.

I have 5 12/2 lines coming into a 3 gang box. 1 is the dedicated power in, 3 are for switches in the box and 1 is to provide electrical to a remote switch.

My setup I think would be to join all the neutrals together (5 wires) and then 5 blacks together (the 1 power in, the 1 dedicated and the 3 pigtails to the switches).

Is 5 12 gauge wires together under 1 nut too many?...it not, what is the appropriate nut to use?


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Check on the box from which you take the wirenuts ,the mfg. will advise.
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Referring to the Ideal wire nut chart:

You need their gray wire nut (342 Twister) to handle 5 12ga wires. (other companies will be similar, but maybe not identical).
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That is a cool chart, Zorfdt.
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Wagos are good for lots of wires: https://eshop.wago.com/JPBC/0_5Start...=WAGO01&zone=7

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