Light Switch Wiring (With Ceiling Fan)


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Light Switch Wiring (With Ceiling Fan)

Howdy everyone,

Wiring newbie here, trying to update switches in our recently-purchased house. I'm having a hard time accomplishing our master, though. Here's the details:

2-gang box, one switch should control the ceiling fan while the other controls the ceiling fan light.

I am trying to put a dimmer on the ceiling fan lights (not a speed control on the fan), so I've got one switch that is a switch/dimmer combo, and another simple rocker switch to turn the fan on/off.

Problem is, I've got ten wires inside this 2-gang box (3 black, 3 white, 3 ground, 1 red)—and can't figure out where they go. I do not have any outlets in the room that receive power from either switch, if that helps.

I've attached a picture of the wiring layout. Any direction I can get will be helpful!

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I've got ten wires inside this 2-gang box (3 black, 3 white, 3 ground, 1 red
First of all we ignore grounds. They are simply connected per code. That leaves us with just seven wires but it is easier to think of this in terms of cables. You two 2-conductor cables (black, white) and one three conductor cable (black, red, white).
  • One 2-conductor cable is power in.
  • The other 2-conductor cable is power out to some other load.
  • The 3-conducor cable goes to the fan.
As you can see it is pretty simple when you break it down to cables and their purpose.
  • All of the whites will be connected together.
  • The two blacks of the 2-conductor cables will be connected to two pigtails.
  • One pigtail to the dimmer.
  • The other pigtail to the fan switch.
  • Red of the 3-conductor cable to the dimmer.
  • Black of the 3-conductor to the fan switch.
At the fans all whites together, red to the blue fan wire and black to black.
All grounds connected per code.

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