Installing heated floor mats in bathroom


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Installing heated floor mats in bathroom

I'm looking to install heated floor mats in my bathrooms. I want to use the existing electric baseboard wiring to do so. The problem that I am coming across is this. The receptacle that the electric baseboard thermostat was hooked up to is a 240v feed. My new thermostat for the floor mat is 120v/240v but the mat itself is only 120v.

Being no more than a novice home owner DIY'er, what's the risk of running the 240v to the thermostat and then it running from the thermostat to the floor mat?
My common sense meter kicks in and tells me that there may potentially be an overload for the 120v wiring on the floor mat? That being said, is there an easy work around I can do at the receptacle? Maybe using 1 leg of the power coming into the receptacle and capping the other, or changing out the breakers at the box?

Thank you in advance for any help/suggestion/advice!
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You can't power a 120V mat with a 240V circuit. It is possible you can convert the existing 240V circuit to a 120V circuit based on a few things:

Are you entirely replacing the existing baseboard heaters with the floor mats? Does the baseboard circuit also power other heaters in other rooms? Have you looked at what color wires are in the existing circuit?

Have you investigated a 240V heating mat? There are several different manufacturers with a variety of products in this area.
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Thanks for the reply!

To your first question. I am entirely replacing the electric baseboard heat with the mats. The baseboard heat has been turned off at the box for years. We NEVER use them. This particular circuit runs into the other bathroom where I am putting the other floor mat.

As far as investigating 240v heated mat options, this is a hindsight 20/20 scenario. I'm running into these 'situations' as I come across them. Ideally, I would've thought to check the feed into the the rooms and purchased my parts accordingly. Unfortunately, I'm quick to jump on the task prior to fully understanding the entire job. Rather than go through the headache of making adjustments to my breaker, I'll just invest in the 240v mats as I already have the thermostats and I can easily return the 120v mats I have now...

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