Running conduit in new in ground pool trench??


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Running conduit in new in ground pool trench??

Hi All, glad to be in such a cool forum!
My question is, can I use the in ground pool excavation to run my conduit for my main power for the pool pump or do I have to put it in a separate trench? I thought I read per NEC that your cant run wires within 5' of the pool. Does this not pertain to the pools equipment?? It would make life a lot easier! And is it ok to be 6-7 feet down or should it be backfilled so its 18" below grade? I guess Ill have to run it by the inspector also before I do anything.

Thanks, Bill
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Hi Billy,

NEC 680.10 only allows underground wiring within 5' of the pool if it is necessary to power that pool equipment. Although this is up to the local inspector, one interpretation is that if there is a potential path the conduit could follow greater than 5' away, you must use that path instead. I'm of the opinion that you should not run the conduit close to the pool unless there is no other option, such as the pool is right on the property line or the conduit is powering something in the pool like built-in lighting. The other position your inspector could allow is that since this conduit powers the pool pump, it is necessary for the operation of the pool.

If wiring is run within that 5' range, it must be in rigid metal, IMC or PVC conduit. While you could do 6' depth, it's a waste of wire and pipe. Code requires only 18" of fill on top of the conduit.

I do have to add that wiring a pool is an advanced job outside the skill of most DIY projects. The code is very specific and detailed (for good reason) with what is required and prohibited around the pool. If you are going to do this project yourself I recommend you get a copy of NEC article 680; read and understand the entire article. The code book is rather pricey, but you can probably get a copy at the library.
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Already got a copy of 680. Thank you very much for the info.

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