Wire color question


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Wire color question

Ian going to wire a branch circuit from a sub panel in a barn to a separate, detached shed. Will only run one branch circuit (20amp) to a disconnect in the shed. Plan is to run #10 wire in buried conduit. Distance is about 150ft.

A quick look at a big box store shows a 500ft roll for $62.
Buying by the foot, cost is $.49/ft.

I need to run 3 wires. Cost would be
3 rolls - $186 with plenty of wire left over
3x200 ft - ~$300

I could save a few bucks by using a single roll of wire for two runs. That would make the wires the same color. I could easily mark them with tape at both ends.

Any problem with this? I just hate to throw away the money and have 900 feet of left over wire I do not need.
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The #10 needs to be in the proper colors. It is too small to re-identify with tape or paint.
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Since the wire will be used outdoors.... it must carry the THWN rating for waterproof.
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Wire by the foot is always over priced. Check around at other stores that sell smaller spools. I know Menards stores sell wire in smaller quantities.
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Since the wire will be used outdoors.... it must carry the THWN
The BigBox store copy writers often in ads misidentify THHN/THWN as THHN. As suggested just make sure befor buying.
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@Astuff - thanks for the link. Seems to be what I need. Just need to find it in #10.

@pcboss - that's what I was afraid of. Hopefully I can find a package with 3 wire colors. If not, guess I will have to overbuy.

I will also check some local electrical supply stores. They may have something.

@ray2047 and pjmax - Yes, I know I need THWN. I was in Lowe's today looking at the actual wire. All the Lowe's terminology states THHN. However, the wire itself and the packaging all indicates it is also THWN. I really want to save a few $$$, but won't compromise safety. Plus, if you don't have the time/money to do it right the first time, where will you find the time/money to re-do it the right way?

Thanks for the info everyone.

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