LED lights + driver (as combination) won't work


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LED lights + driver (as combination) won't work

Hi! Got some problems installing small led lights, hope some people can help me out.

I've got 2 circuits of respectively 8x and 9x LED lights connected in series. Recently I switched from 1W/350mA lights to 1W/12-24Vdc, but unfortunately the LED driver didn't provide enough power for the new lights.

For the old lights I had 2 drivers (one for every circuit) providing Uout = 18-36Vdc, Iout=350mA (constant) and Pout=6-12W, which was sufficient. Someone advised me to buy 2 new drivers for the new lights: Uout=12Vdc and P=15W, unfortunately only 2 out of 8/9 LED's lit up while connected to this driver.

So basically I switched from a constant current driver to a constant power driver, but I can't use a constant power driver here, right? (since it's a circuit in series) Does this mean that I need to buy a new constant current driver (e.g. 350mA) providing at least 9*12=108V?

Thanks in advance for helping me out
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You are trying to combine equipment that is not designed to be used together.

This is a case where you need a system of lamps and drivers made by the same manufacturer to be used together.

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