Help with wiring on a new stove


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Help with wiring on a new stove

Hi everyone,

So I am trying to install a new electric stove, and I am a little confused by the directions provided by the manufacturer. My old stove has been in the house for at least 15+ years and I'm a little nervous about getting the wiring right on the new stove.

The old stove was wired in directly (no plug). The directions for the new stove say that to install for a "conduit" 3 wire (which is how many wires I have running to the stove...One Black, One White, One Green) you must put the white/neutral wire in the center post, and the other 2 wires into the left and right posts. (doesn't clarify colors). Everything I have seen online about doing a 3 wire installation has a white, a black, and a red wire. Black = left post, white = center, red = right.

I ,however only have white, black and green wires. Green is usually ground if I am not mistaken? would the proper installation just be to install the green wire where the red wire is supposed to go? That doesnt seem right to me. I don't want to mess anything up.

Thank you for any help. It is much appreciated.
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Wait for Ray but DO NOT put the green in place of the red. It sounds like the new stove is 220 & the old stove is 110.
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Put the green wire in the center post. Black and white to outside. If you have a meter you should have 240 volts to black and white. 120 from white to green and 120 from black to green.
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You also need to make sure that the existing wiring is large enough to handle the load from the new stove.
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I have running to the stove...One Black, One White, One Green
If your new stove is a typical 120/240 volt stove you need to install a new circuit. You cannot use the green wire for anything except a ground and that leaves you with no neutral. What you need is 1 Blk, 1 Red, 1 Wht (neutral) and 1 bare or green for the ground.

Check the installation instructions. How many amps does the circuit need to be? The last 2 Whirlpool self cleaning ranges I have bought required a 40 amp circuit. For a 40 amp circuit you can install 8-3 NM-B cable and for a 50 amp circuit you can install 6-3 NM-B cable. You didn't mention your location, if you are in Chicago or NYC you may have to have all wiring in conduit and that changes things slightly. Typical NM-B cable has a bare ground so having a green ground sounds like this is MC or AC cable. What is your location? Regardless, the existing circuit cannot be used for 120/240 volts.
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NYC requires BX cable not conduit. No Romex. Nassau & Suffolk counties allow Romex.

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