4 prong receptacle for washer and dryer hookup


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4 prong receptacle for washer and dryer hookup


I have one 4-prone outlet in my bathroom for washer and dryer hookup at a condo unit. I am looking into buying a pair of washer and dryer.

Here are some questions:

1. Most of the washer and dryer use separate outlet for each machine. What options do I have if I only have one outlet? The wall is tiled and I really don't want to break the tiles and install another outlet. How can I use one 4-prone outlet for two machines?

2. I found few washer/dryer can connect one to another. For example, Bosch washer/dryer: Washer & Dryers: 24 Inch Compact,Stackable,& Front Load | Bosch. It's a good brand but a bit expensive. Are there other washer/dryer pair I may consider for using just one outlet?

The dimension of the space for washer and dryer: 28.5W x 25.25D x 96H. I probably can go a little deeper for some washer/dryer models. A compact washer/dryer (ventless) will work better since the regular size won't fit. Because of the space, I prefer to have a stackable washer/dryer pair.

Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

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You could ask the landlord to install a 120 volt outlet for the washer. If he won't then your pretty well stuck with what you have. You could offer to pay for the receptacle and determine which would be cheaper. new receptacle or a stacker that uses one plug.
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"Stackable" washer/dryers are nothing more then two full size front load machines stacked. They require two separate circuits. Your only real option is to add another circuit (GFCI protected) for the washer.
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Instead of stackable, do a search for laundry centers. Below is a link to one from Sears that only requires a 240 Volt receptacle and nothing else.

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I have an Asko (made in Sweden) laundry pair that are stacked. Both units are strictly 240 volts and use a single receptacle, one unit plugs into a receptacle on the other. When I bought them some sixteen years ago they were a bit less in price than a Bosch pair and the Bosch required a special cord set (about $50 extra as I recall) in order to use a single receptacle.
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The condo was probably built with double stack (aka laundry center) in mind.
It is basically same thing as stackable washer and dryer, but built into a single cabinet and therefore can be plugged with single 120/240V plug.

If you want anything other than double stack washer/dryer, you will need 120V outlet added as other said already.

If breaker panel is too far to pull new 120V for washer, next best thing I can think of is adding a small subpanel and use existing 30A cable as a feed to it.
Then add 240V 30A and 120V 20A circuit.
Not 100% sure if this is code compliant, but this is the safest way I can think of.

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