Multiple UF cables in one LB box


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Multiple UF cables in one LB box

I'm running three different branch circuits from a single subpanel, two 20 amp and one 15 amp. I'm wondering how to get them outside the building.
1) Can I use a single LB box?
2) If so, I'd need a one inch LB, I think. I don't see any junction boxes with a knockout that big. The cables will only be going about 2 feet to the panel, so can I just bring them out of the LB and directly to the panel if they're properly supported?
3) If not, can I use three 1/2 inch LB boxes?
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Best practice is to use single conductor wires not cable if this will be continuous conduit. If they are to a single building you can only have one circuit to that building. If it already has a circuit then you can replace that circuit but you can't add another circuit.
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Oh, I see I forgot to mention I'm running UF cable for the underground feed. The UF will come up to the LB in conduit, then enter the building.
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Technically you're running three circuits in UF and then you're using a short piece of conduit from the ground up and in to the back of a sub panel. That would be called sleeving the cables.

A single 1" or 1-1/4" conduit and LB would be ok. 3/4" would be too small.

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