Ac a2 volt elexctricity


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Red face Ac a2 volt elexctricity

Hi. please bear with me. I am naturally not a good DIYer but I want to challenge my nature and try to do different things myself. Internet has been a great help for me. As long as it concerns electricity I am really at zero level. If my question sounds dumb and if i use the terminology please consider my poor knowledge.
What I wonder is: If I need a 12 volt electricity source, I can get a car battery charger, hook it to home electricity and on the other side it gives me 12 v. electricity, right? What is I don't have a charger? Why can I not use an AC adapter. Let's say the adapter which follows a laptop. Doesn't it do the same? Converting a higher voltage to 12 volt?

Thanks in advance

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You are correct it does convert a higher voltage to lower voltage,what are you trying to power up?

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