Bedroom without power


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Exclamation Bedroom without power

I'd like to start by saying I am no electrician. Please excuse improper terminology and such. I am very handy and have read up on basic electrical workings and safety. I have changed receptacles, switches and bathroom light fixtures. I've ran wires but have never connected new things to a service panel.

The electrical wen't out in my bedroom while my girlfriend was using a hair dryer. I went to check the circuit breakers and noticed none had been tripped. I then tried flipping every breaker off then back on. Still no power to the room. The receptacle she was using is first in line (not sure the term) and has another receptacle and switch for a ceiling fan and light after it that are now not working.

I replaced the receptacle thinking it might have gone bad. I have a basic no-contact voltage tester that gives off no warning sound that the wires are live to this receptacle. I removed the front panel of both breaker boxes and tested the voltage of every breaker with a multimeter and they all are reading approximately 120.

Unfortunately not all the breakers are marked. I started turning them off one by one to see what room(s) they belong to and was able to figure out about 90% of them. I figure I am now at a disadvantage because I can't tell which breaker the bedroom is on now that there is no power and all the breakers are in the on position.

Is there a short somewhere? How do I find and repair it? What else can I do to test and figure out what the problem could be? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the forums!

Is there a short somewhere?
A short would trip the breaker right away, so that is not it.

Since you checked all the breakers, and they all have 120 volts coming out, it sounds to me like you have an open neutral. In the panel make sure all the white wires are connected good and tight.

Also check at the receptacle between hot and neutral and see if you have 120 volts. If you do not, that receptacle might not be the first receptacle, or first splice, on the circuit and you might need to look elsewhere.

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